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2015-04-29 20:14

It's a dream! - Interview with Norah Mc Gettigan

We asked, she answered: an interview with Norah Mc Gettigan, who at the Mediawave is a member of the hungarian documentary and short fiction jury, she will teach afro dance during her workshop, and be on a stage with City Bum Bum on 2nd May, at 8 pm.


How did you get in contact with Mediawave?


I had the pleasure of meeting Violetta Vajda and Gyorgy Durst at Tofifest 2013. Violetta and I were on the same jury during the festival. I was blessed to meet them both.


Both of you participated last year (or previous years) at Mediawave, how do you like the festival? How does it differ from the others which you have visited?


Mediawave is unlike any festival we have ever been to. It's exceptional. Very welcoming. The energy upon arriving at Mediawave, is spontaneous, creative, alive. People who travel to Mediawave, are there to share ideas, in both music and film, (amongst other things). If you play an instrument, you can simply bring it along and before you know it you're performing with musical masters from let's say Mongolia or even West Africa! It's a dream!



Norah, I am curious how did you get to Poland?


I traveled to Poland in 1998, having spent the previous year in Budapest. Although I really didn't want to leave Hungary, I got on that train at Keleti and set off for Poland because I had been offered an interesting job there. I was still very young, so I was eager to explore new countries. But then I got stuck there and I'm still there 16years later!! I completed a MA in film directing at the Polish National Film School in Lodz and am presently teaching at the same school.

Tell me some details about City Bum Bum! Why Afrika? Why in Poland? How do the Polish people like this kind of music?


City Bum Bum is a school of West African dance and percussion and was founded by Wojtek Peczek 13 years ago. Since then it has continued to grow and Lodz alone has approximately 70 regular students. There is no doubt that drumming and african dance have the ability to awaken in us an energy which is lacking in our everyday lives and Wojtek is a unique artist who, through teaching and performing, effortlessly manages to bring people together. In 2006 Wojtek traveled to West Africa for the first time to study their musical tradition, and it is our dream to perhaps settle there one day.

More and more Polish people are traveling to West Africa as interest in their music, dance and culture is fast-growing in eastern europe. West-African music offers a taste of West-African life - full of energy, warmth and positivity. And living in a country like Poland, African rhythms are certain to help you survive the long and cold winters.



What are you planning to see in Mediawave?


I'm not sure I'll get a chance to see anything if there's too much palinka!!
This year, I am on the jury for Hungarian shorts and documentaries so I will be busy with that. When I'm not in a dark room I would like to watch as many music performances as possible and perhaps our group will get the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians at the festival. We really hope to.

Do you plan to make a concert in other places in Hungary or somewhere around?


Not yet!

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