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2015-05-01 22:18

Spring blooming in Komárom - Socfest report on Mediawave Gathering

The Mediawave International Film and Music Gathering belongs to the smaller Hungarian festivals however the familiar mood, colourful programs and the international film and music program offer quality entertainment facility to the vistors. Thursday diary.


The 25 years old festival has always supported diverse and quality programs instead of inviting stars and the walls of the Fort Monostor provide a perfect location both for amateur and professional artists to show their talents to the world. You can find several workshops, exhibitions, forums and installations among the cold fort walls as well as on the Danube riverside. At noon for instance if you want to dance a special dance, you can participate in the motion-culture workshop. Here the emphasis is on the gathering: anyone can join the performance improvised on the beating drum-rhythm.



Around every corner, one can bump into something new: actors and actresses telling monolugue on a classic piece,  a sax player practicing in the look-out tower, people building wall in the main yard and every millimeter of the wall surface is covered by photos and paintings. In the dark cellar of the outside Casemate, Gabi Makhult's swinging sculpture installation charms the roaming souls. Not to mention Péter Nyikos photos from last years. 



As for films, we made a brave decision and watched the Hungarian experimantal and dance films. Péter Lichter's Rimbaud, is a fast-moving super8 film supposing a huge work. Dorottya Zurbó's film etud shows the streets of Budapest with some historical hints. Due to rapid cuts and sound effects, we had a memorable experience. The central character of the two dance films is Rita Góbi dancing around the historical monuments of Bratislava, Prague or Budapest.

Our favourite one is the Life of a Hand by István Borsody and Sándor Kiss. A hand is perfectly capable of showing man's life without unnecessary trimmings. Clever work with unique viewpoint.


We devoted our first day to Hungarian motion picture and after experimentals we watched short fictions. Farewell by András György Dési and Gábor Móray shows the two opponent forms - solid and tempered against the wild spontaneity - of mourning process in a pretty accurate way. 



Robinson, one of the winners of the On The Road Online Fim Festival guides us into a surreal and utopistic world. Even though the camera work is amazing we are not quite satisfied with the ending: the smart basic story is cut too suddenly.


Péter Szalay's Towards Wholeness was inspired by Sándor Weöres's poems. The soul journey of a nun, the music and the pictures together is a memorable experience. 



We were astonished by two Hungarian films in the end. In The Winner, Dávid Deésy reveals very strong emotions and thoughts through a swimming teacher's story losing his youth. We were amazed by the beautiful pastel color flashback scenes, the melancolic sound records and Andor Lukáts's acting.

We loved The Pen because it is a real technical peculiarity: the 8 minutes long film is whole in itself, self-reflexive and humorous yet surrealisticly charming.



The most spectacular program of the day was definitely the Maypole celebration. The 20 years old tradition at Mediawave symbolises rebirth and fertility. Before standing the maypole, it had been dressed with red, white and green ribbons by young and old.  Accompanied by a big bunch of people and music, the pole found its place by the riverside right in front of the fortress.


The gathering people then could listen to the concerts of the Wooden Ambulance, Grencsó Collective and La Troba Kunk-fu.

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