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2020. április 28 - május 2.

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A pótlás - reményeink szerint - szeptember

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Azé' csak lesz valami a Mediawave

klasszikus időszakában!

2020. április 28 - május 2.

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A pótlás - reményeink szerint - szeptember

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Német egység @ Balatonnál - Mézföld

Germany Unity@Balaton

Director: FORGÁCS Péter
79 min. 2011,
with dialogue, Hungarian, Germanian
Producer: Új Budapest Filmstúdió
Screenplay: Forgács Péter
Cinematographer: Hámos Gusztáv
Music: Vígh Mihály és Cserepes Károly művei, Illés Együttes
Editor: Sass Péter
Narrated by: Forgács Péter

GERMAN UNITY @ BALATON is a poetic impression of an extraordinary post-war history of East-Europe.

The documentary is a reconstruction composed from amateur films, interviews, photographs, music, and documents from German Stasi and Hungarian Internal Ministry files, incorporating fictional elements.


Peter Forgacs is a Media artist and independent filmmaker, based in Budapest. Since 1978 he has made more than thirty films and several media installations. He is best known for his "Private Hungary" series of award winning films and installations often based on home movies from the 1920s-1980s, which document ordinary lives that were soon to be ruptured by an extraordinary historical trauma that occurs off screen.


Since the early 1990s Forgács' video installations have been presented at museums and art galleries throughout Europe and America. His international debut came with The Bartos Family (1988). Since then he has received several international festival awards – in New York, Budapest, Lisbon, Marseilles, San Francisco and Berlin, where he won the Prix Europa for Free Fall film in 1997. Between 2000-2002 Forgács was artist in residence at The Getty Museum/Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, where he created. The Danube Exodus: Rippling Currents of the River installation. His works can be found in several museums and public collections. In 2007 Forgács was awarded with the most prestigious Dutch Erasmus Prize for his notable contributions to European culture. In 2009 Forgács represented Hungary at the Venice Biennale, exhibiting the Col Tempo- The W. Project installation.
Forgács “has given the private archive project an ontological dimension, turning it into a reflection on the nature of memory, the construction of history, and the phenomenology of film-making itself.” Joanne Richardson.


2011 GermanUnity@Balaton - Honeyland (GE:Honigland, HU:Mézföld) 78:30
2011 Tact 0.1 - at the time of a fragile truce 09:03 min.
2009 Hunky Blues - The American Dream 100 minutes
2009 Video Active - EU TV Heritage documentary 10 minutes
2008 I am Von Höfler - Variation on Werther - Private Hungary 15 160 minutes
2008 Own Death 118 minutes
2006 Miss Universe 1929 - Lisl Goldarbeiter - a Queen in Wien 70 minutes
2005 El Perro Negro - Stories from the Spanish Civil War 84 minutes
2004 Mutual Analysis 12 minutes
2003 do you really love me ? - The HungAryan installation video 33 minutes
2002 The Bishop's Garden - Private Hungary 14 57 minutes
2001 A Bibó Reader - Private Hungary 13 69 minutes
1999 Angelos' Film 60 minutes
1998 The Danube Exodus 60 minutes
1997 The Maelstrom - A Family Chronicle 60 minutes
1997 Kádár's Kiss - Private Hungary 12 45 minutes
1997 Class Lot - Private Hungary 11 52 minutes
1996 Free Fall - Private Hungary 10 75 minutes
1996 Pauer Pseudo 60 minutes
1996 The Land of Nothing - Private Hungary 9 62 minutes
1994 Meanwhile Somewhere ... 1940-1943 - An Unknown War series 5/3. 52 minutes
1994 The Notes of a Lady - Private Hungary 8 49 minutes
1993 Simply Happy - a documentary by Péter Forgacs and Albert Wulffers 52 minutes
1993 Culture Shavings 43 min.
1992 Wittgeinstein Tractatus - 7 video paragraph 35 minutes
1992 Arizona Diary - with poet György Petri 53 minutes
1992 Photographed by László Dudás - Private Hungary 6 45 minutes
1992 D-film - Private Hungary 5 45 minutes
1992 Bourgeois Dictionary - Private Hungary 7 49 minutes
1991 Márai Herbal - FMS Interlude series 35 minutes
1990 The Diary of Mr. N. - Private Hungary 4 60 minutes
1989 Either - Or - Private Hungary 3 43 minutes
1988 Dusi & Jenő - Private Hungary 2 45 minutes
1988 The Bartos Family - Private Hungary 1 61 minutes
1987 Episodes from the Life of Professor F.M. - Ferenc Mérei portrait film 110 minutes
1986 The Portrait of Leopold Szondi 60 min.
1985 Spinoza Rückwertz 5 min.
1985 Golden Age - a performance piece with Iron Age 20 min.
1985 Iron Age - performance piece with Golden Age 50 min.
1978 I See That I Look 25 min.

Új Budapest Filmstúdió

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