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Rendező: Flo FLAMME
71 min. 2016,
szöveges, Spanish, English felírattal

Anoranza tells the story of three older men. In Cuba half a century ago, a revolution created a new frontier beyond which, little by little, the outside world became invisible and forbidden. Now on the brink of opening its borders with the USA again, three old men, Luis, Carmelo, and Ernesto, see all around them buses full of tourists, ambassadors from a former never-never land. They come and go and trigger in the men a deep longing for vanished ideals: love, time and most of all the places they have never seen. In Añoranza, in the autumn of their lives, their dreams and illusions take flight once again.

Fontosabb bemutatási helyek:
  • Yerevan Golden Apricot Int Film Festival
  • Sofia Biting Docs
  • Oaxaca International Film Festival
  • HumanDoc Poland

Flo Flamme (born october 10, 1986) is an Belgian film director. Being the daughter of a painter, Flo developed a love for the creative arts at an early age and spended most of her youth in a Belgian theater company. At 18 she retreated from the spotlight, enrolling in the audiovisual arts program at the LUCA, School of Arts in Brussels. Concentrating on the balance between reality and fiction, she specialised in documentary filmmaking. After her studies she learned the practical aspects of filmmaking throughout collaboration with other directors and as a videoclip director. Añoranza is her first feature movie. It’s inspired by the Cuban reality and a desorientated generation. Shot in Havana, Añoranza is the poetic voice of three older Habaneros, balancing on a rope between their revolutionary past and an uncertain future: Luis, Ernesto and Carmelo.



  • Une petite histoire Belge (30min, documentary, 2008) - director
  • Nucleo Belgium - artist in residence (2009 – 2010)
  • SIC - workspace for artist-anthropologists - artist in residence (2011 – 2012)
  • Incognitum (2017)
  • Behind The Redwood Curtain (2012) – first assistant Ultima vez/ Wim Vandekeybus & others
  • (2011-now) – videoclip director
  • Añoranza (2016) - director



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