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The Sun of the Natural World is Pure Fire

Rendező: Diego BARRERA
10 min. 2012,
szöveg nélkül
Forgalmazó: Diego Barrera
Gyártó: Diego Barrera
Forgatókönyv: Diego Barrera
Operatőr: Diego Barrera
Zeneszerző: Jim Jarmusch & Jozef Van Wissem
Vágó: Diego Barrera
Io Berry, Alex Francisco, Jozef Van Wissem

"I’ve written the story in a way that its development would be fluid, a structure that would relate with the basic concept of the videoclip, the movement of water and the union of the elements, fire’s radiance in water when the soul heals.

A relationship after death, where the dimension or posthumous world is represented by water, searching for a link between this element and the collective unconscious.

I connect the relationship between these two characters with Hermaphroditus in Greek mythology, Ovid tells in his “Metamorphoses” that Aphrodite’s and Hermes’s son from great beauty attracted a water nymph’s attention, she was called Salmacis. So great was her obsession for the beautiful lad that once she had him in her arms (all her body was liquid) she pleaded to the Gods to never separate them, and her wish was granted, Rebis, the equilibrium, the original complete being.

The Alchemical Androgyne represents the search towards the unity of the forces, of the principles that entered in conflict in the origin, after the division. The "masculine" and the "feminine", death and life, embrace and devour themselves infinitely in the unity where also the fire burns in the water."


Filmmaker, Art Director and Teacher, focused on the music video world, one of the latest work for the song "The Sun of the Natural World is Pure Fire" from the second album in collaboration with Jim Jarmusch {as musician} and Jozef Van Wissem, mixing the idea of the personification of wounds, the symbolism of water, the elements, the myth of Hermaphroditus. Presented at MoMA in New York, supported by “Pitchfork Magazine” and “Sacred Bones Records”. In the year 2016 he directed "Into the Night" video of the anticipated album of the Noise-pop band Xiu Xiu, reinterpreting the soundtrack of Twin Peaks, Julee Cruise / Angelo Badalamenti's cover, written by David Lynch, with the support of Pitchfork Magazine.

In his work certain recurring themes loom like figurative metamorphosis of his characters, androgynization rites supporting a political speech in favor of feminism, understood as a struggle against the social conditioning, looking for the rupture with raised standards on gender, in comunion with the alchemical weddings, as well as the development of a spiritual journey in which the symbols embody the subconscious. Develops in almost sculptural scenary away from the classic aesthetics. His language is more influenced by the various branches of avant-garde art {sculpture, painting, literature} as Surrealism, Dada, Art Nouveau and Symbolism, etc. than the film academicism.

Celestial twins


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