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Cantor Dust Man

Rendező: Sebastien LOGHMAN
6 min. 2009 BetacamSP, színes,
szöveges, English, English felírattal
Forgalmazó: Natalia Trebik
Gyártó: Eric Prigent
Forgatókönyv: Sebastien Loghman
Operatőr: Fred Vallet
Animátor: Bastien Brenot, Adrien Meynard, Elie François, Lise Vautrin, Pierre-Arthur Goulet
Zeneszerző: Sebastien Loghman
Vágó: Sebastien Loghman
Narrátor: Sebastien Loghman
Sebastien Loghman

A man encounters a long forgotten smell and is carried away by the memories this brings flooding back. The smell arouses in him an overwhelming sense of the plurality of his being, leading him back into the mysterious depths of his past, pushing back the limits of his inner world. Cantor Dust Man is a knowing mix of American ‘musical’, avant-garde digital explorations and aesthetic melancholy, inviting us into a colourful world of poetry where music and words take pride of place.

Fontosabb bemutatási helyek:

• 2009 : Cyber Sousa-Xiamen Int'l Animation Festival, Xiamen -CHINA
• 2009 : Festival Int'l du court-métrage, Lille -FRANCE
• 2009 : Festival Sur les Pas de Mon Oncle, Saint-Maur-des-Fossés– FRANCE
• 2009: eARTS Festival (sélection of short films produced by Le Fresnoy), Shanghai - CHINA
• 2009: Winter Festival (selection of short films produced by Le Fresnoy)), Porto Alegre – BRASIL
• 2009 : Panorama 11, Tourcoing - FRANCE

Sebastien LOGHMAN

Sebastien Loghman began art and music at 9 years old and his aesthetic investigations have taken on a wide range of expressions, from filmmaking, to music, to fine arts and digital media. In 2005, he won a scholarship to train at the Film Department of the San Francisco Art Institute. He graduated at Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2006, and at Le Fresnoy in 2009. His films present highly original universes in which different levels of reality overlap.


Before Cantor Dust Man

I’ve never heard of Alice
Original title : Je ne connais pas d’Alice
2008, Fiction, 15’ - Prod. : Le Fresnoy

Selection of screenings:
2009: festival internazionale del cinema d'arte - ITALY
2009: Cannes Festival -Short Film Corner - FRANCE
2009 : Rencontres du film court de Madagascar - MADAGASCAR
2009 : Rencontres du Court de Montpellier – FRANCE
2008 : Jeune Création -La Villette – FRANCE
2008 : Panorama 9/10 -Le Fresnoy - FRANCE

Untitled (what you can’t see exists as well)
Original title : Sans titre (ce que vous ne voyez pas existe aussi)
Direction and script in collaboration with Thomas Guillaume
Experimental, 14’ – with the support of Caisse des Dépôts et des consignations

Selection of screenings:
2007: Videosalon, curatorial rebound project – BOSNIA
2006: ENSBA –Paris - FRANCE
2006: Festival OFF LOOP -Barcelone - SPAIN
2006 : MAC/VAL Collection - FRANCE


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