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2020. április 28 - május 2.

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A pótlás - reményeink szerint - szeptember

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Azé' csak lesz valami a Mediawave

klasszikus időszakában!

2020. április 28 - május 2.

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A pótlás - reményeink szerint - szeptember

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documentary fim director, festival director



Zlatina Rousseva is an experienced documentary film maker. She is a graduate of the NATFA, “Krastiu Sarafov”, specialising in cinema and television directing. The films which she made in Bulgaria caused huge reactions from the authorities and were seen as an attempt to undermine the “beautiful” socialist reality. Her film Century or a Day by chance managed to cross Bulgaria’s borders and won a number of international prizes at festivals in Spain, Germany and Poland. Since 1986 she has lived and worked in Brussels. She established a film production company, “Diogene” which works with the Belgian and French television channels, humanitarian organisations such as “Médecins sans Frontières” and “Solidar”. Her films, Death in Bali, At Night the Fish are Red, Portrait of a man in power, Forgotten by the War, Green Oranges of Liberia, Street Theatre, Virtuosi from nowhere, Cirque “Ma Boule”, Against the Stream, Seuthes the Immortalhave been presented at many international festivals and have been shown on Belgian, French, Swiss, German, British, Brazilian and other national television companies.

Zlatina Rousseva’s many years of work with “Médecins sans Frontières” for whom she made a series of documentary films has left a clear mark on her work. She has travelled widely around the world, from Africa to Yakutia, Chukotka and Kalima, which has helped her to develop her many-layered view of reality. Her meetings with people in extreme situations have helped her touch the real essence of mankind. The theme of memory, preservation of real values in situations of crisis lies at the basis of her work.



documentary fim director, festival director


was born in 1956. When he was young he created slide-films and experimental video-poetic theatre. From 1985 he was assistant director at «Permtelefilm». In 1987 he founded one of the first independent film studios in USSR – Novy Kurs (New Course). He has made over 40 films as a director and producer. Petchekin has been awarded multiple international film festivals’ prizes. He is the initiator for creating in Perm and Perm Krai a system of media-education. He is the President of Flahertiana International Documentary Film Festival, a member of Russian Filmmakers Union, member of Russian Film Academy.






documentary fim director, festival director


Film director, scriptwriter, producer, member of the Union of the Cinematographers of Russia.
Education: cinema institute VGIK (Moscow). Worked as a director and an editor in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk. Participant and prize-winner of international festivals ( «Nocturne”- Prize at the International Film Festival in Verona, Italy, 1994; “Is There Life on Earth?” – “Best documentary film» at the International Film Festival “MEDIAWAVE” (Hungary, 1996) and Special Jury Prize at the International Film Festival “Dakino”( Bucharest, Rumania, 1996); “Retro” – Special Jury Diploma at the International Film Festival “Message to a Man” (Saint-Petersburg, 2000), The final session of the best world documentaries in Cape town ( INPUT, 2001), “Best documentary film» at the international film festival MEDIAWAVE ( Hungary, 2002).
Author and the head of many international projects.
Member of international jury of film festivals in Prague (IFF One World), in Hungary ( MEDIA WAVE). Producer of the film project “Plus Siberia” (2001-2015)
Since 1997 Ella Davletshina – a President of Interregional non-government and non-commercial organisation “Meetings in Siberia”. President and producer of the international film festival “Meetings in Siberia” (Novosibirsk).

SÓS Ágnes (HUN)

documentary fim director, festival director


She has been making documentaries since 1991, first for the Hungarian television, than she became her producer as well. She has made about 20 documentary feature films and 15 short documentaries. Her documentary films have won many prizes in Hungary and abroad (Invisible Strings, Stream of Love etc). In 2012 she got Balázs Béla prize, the main Hungarian national artistic award for Motion Pictures.
Since 2014, she is the co-director of Budapest International Documentary Festival, the first prestigious international competition of the genre in Hungary.


cultural organiser


Born in Poland, lives in Spain where she currently cooperates with Spanish Theatre Company Tras el Trapo Teatro and she is programmer in Sala La Quemá - Space of alternative culture in Jerez de la Fronetra (Spain). She cooperated with the KINO RP Project (Digital reconstruction of Film Classics), TRANZYT Festival (Documentary Film Festival), Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne (International Young Audience Film Festival / France), Ale Kino (International Young Audience Film Festival / Poland) and qpoznan.tv (cultural television online). She was programmer at Theatre of The Eighth Day (Poland) and coordinator of the Theatre Festival OFF Premiers/Presentations. During several years she had a radio programme about theatre, cinema and art at a local radio station in Poznan - Radio Afera.

MOLNÁR Levente (ROM)




From 1990 to 1995, Molnár was trained in acting in Satu Mare. In 1997, he acted at the Gheorgheni-based Figura Studio, and, from 1998 and 2002, was part of the Faculty of arts at the Babeș-Bolyai University, and studied acting at the Theatre Arts Department, in the class of András Hatházi.[1]
After graduating, Molnár became a member of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj. In addition to roles in theater, he took part, in 2002 and 2003, movement theater performances based on choreography by Melinda Jakab at the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy. He regularly participates in various international dance, movement and theater arts workshops. He has had several small and big film roles, including Marian Crișan in the Oscar nominated drama Morgen and in the László Nemes-directed multiple award-winning film Son of Saul. Constantly perform in selection (casting) and actor mediation agency work, with 2008 in KoKino created the agency. In 2008, he created the KoKino acting talent agency.
Contemporary hungarian Culture of Transylvania Award, 2016
Best Actor Award – Nida Fim Fest, Lithuania, 2016
Hungarian Jewish Culure Award, 2016






film director


Born in 1969.
1988—93 studying literature and aesthetics at the philological faculty of the University of Arts and Sciences.
1992—97 studying film direction at the Georgian Academy and Film (
1998-2000 shooting his first feature film The Foolish Pomegranate Tree
2002— 2008 He works in theatre permanently
2002 winner of the Golden Palm in Cannes (After Rain as a best short film),
2003— sign a contract with Twentieth Century Fox
2004 Who’s The Cat? In Berlinale Official Program
2004 shot the Hungarian short film for joining EU “Europe square XXL project” (ten country film-project, produced by D Nerve Lab Amsterdam)
2004 – gives lectures at the faculty of Film and Aesthetic Studies at Pecs University
2006 the Hungarian tv-premiere of Stammbuch
2006 world-premiere of Kythera (feature film) at The Locarno International Film Festival (Golden Leopard Nomination for the Best Film)
2007 two awards of Kythera at The Hungarian Film Festival (Best Female Leading Role, Best Editing)
2007 European premiere of Stammbuch in Rome Film Festival
2008 shot documentary about Georgian-Russian war and Saakashvili regime titled Georgia Good Like – banned in territory of Georgia by political reasons
2009 Hungarian TV premier of political documentary Georgia Good Like
2010: Küklópsz theatre-project image film for The Cultural Capital of EU, Pécs
2012- director and writer of Hungarian Radio Theatre
2012- has an acting class in Shakespeare Theatrical Art Academy
2012: Béla Balázs Prize (Hungarian State Award for outstanding Filmmakers)
2016: directs and writes the Symphony fort a Revolution for the Anniversary of Hungarian Revolution in 1956 (full length documentary)


animációs filmrendező


Phil Mulloy is a British animator. He was born in Wallasey, Merseyside and studied both painting and filmmaking. Mulloy worked as a writer and director of live-action films until the late 1980s before becoming an animator. His animations have been described as "satirical grotesque"[1] and often portray the dark side of human nature and contemporary social, political, and religious values in a humorous and at times, shocking way. His visual style is distinctive in its use of primitive, often skeletal figures and minimalist backgrounds. Mulloy has made over 30 animated films many of which are in themed groupings based on Hollywood genres. Mulloy has won many international awards for his work and has conducted several workshops for young animators.

Priit Tender was born in 1971 in Tallinn, Estonia.
He has graduated Tallinn University the Faculty of Art Education. Priit Tender is an Estonian animator – the director, designer and writer of many short animated films. His author films are driven by surreal imagery, black humor and dark existential journeys. Priit’s films have won prizes and nominations from the most important short and animation film festivals, including Annecy, Ottawa, Hiroshima, Dresden, Fredrikstad, Utrecht etc… He's recently involved in documentary filmmaking and teaching animation in Estonian Art Academy.


animation and experimental film director, visual artist



He was born in 1953 in Diosig, Romania. Visual artist, animation film director, video artist, photographer. Graduated at the Fine Arts Academy, Painting Department, Romania. He studied film direction at the Bucharest Film Academy.


Professor at the Bucharest National University of Arts and a lecturer at the Partium Christian University in Oradea, Romania. He used to be a painter, then he became an internationally known animation and experimental film director. Won awards for Film, Video, Graphics and Multimedia.




documentary fim director


Boris plays blitz-chess for money, that he then spends on breakfast. Four films, 200+ festivals, 25 awards, 20+ brodcasters, global lecturing track record.




fetsival organiser


Kreet has been working on Anilogue since its foundation in 2003. Next to her duties on the festival she also organises Estonian Film Days in Budapest, the Baltic- Sea Festival and is a curator for art house films for distribution in Hungary.


animation and experimental film dierctor


1953, Diosig, Romania. Professor at the Bucharest National University of Arts and a lecturer at the Partium Christian University in Oradea, Romania. He used to be a painter, then he became an internationally known animation and experimental film director.



DURST György (HUN)



As a producer, first in the Béla Balázs Studio between 1974 and 1995 and later as the director of Kép-Árnyék and Duna Workshop (1995-2011), he dedicated his life to help the young, national and cross-border Hungarian film maker generations to start their carrier.
Between 2002 and 2011 he is the dramaturgy director of Duna Television.
He received several national and international awards for his producer activity and the most significant ones among them are:
He was the producer of two Cannes-winner short films, Marcell Iványi: Wind (1996) and Péter Mészáros: After Rain (2002)
In 1996, he was awarded the Cross from the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic
In 2002 and 2004, he received the Grand Producer Prize of the Hungarian Film Week.
In 2005, he was given the Béla Balázs Film Profession Award and the Pro Urbe Prize in Targu Mures for strengthening the Transylvanian film production.
In 2012, he was the first to get the Yellow Foal Prize in Cluj, for supporting Transylvanian film makers.


university art teacher





Zoltán Balázs was born in 1977 in Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania. He studied design at the Tibiscus University in Timișoara, where he graduated in 2004. He completed his doctorate in 2014 at the Faculty of Art at the West University of Timișoara. He is the head of the Department of Art at the Partium Christian University in Oradea. In addition to his work as an educator and a creative artist, he also organizes cultural programs. In 2008-2011, he was the main organizer of the Metrion Animated Film Festival.

VARGA Balázs (HUN)

film historian


Film historian, lecturer at ELTE BTK Film Science Department, founder of Metropolis film theory and film history journal. His field of research is the contemporary Hungarian and East European film and documentary. He has been a member of the Mediawave Pre- Selction Jury for many years.














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