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9-13 December, 2020

Kiscsősz, Hungary




9-13 December, 2020

Kiscsősz, Hungary

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hernalser - der stein denkt mordet liebt

hernalser - the rock thinks murders loves

Director: Melanie HOLLAUS
70 min. 2014,
with dialogue, German, English subtitled
Distributor: Christoph Lammerhuber
Producer: Christoph Lammerhuber
Screenplay: Manfred Schenekl
Cinematographer: Melanie Hollaus, Christoph Lammerhuber
Music: Zeynep Sarikartal
Editor: Melanie Hollaus
Marianne: Katarína Csányiová
Corinne: Julia Kronenberg
Roland: Martin Merkl
Ferdinand: Andreas Pronegg


Sebastian Brunner
Katharina Burger
Michael Herzog
Katharina Hölzl
Anežka Jabùrková
Malte Müffelmann
Ylvi Kolde
Selma Kolde
Lisa Posch
Josh Reingruber
Jeff Ricketts
Carolin Riedelsberger
Josef Szeiler
Viorel Wolf
Sissi Wunder

"hernalser - the rock thinks murders loves“, is a documentary featuring a story line, showing the development of the sky riser hernalser, located in Vienna over a two year period.
Once a building is done and glows with a new front nothing remains to show the dirt, dust, cement, sweat and hard labor of those people needed to actually build it in the first place. This film focuses on the growth and development of the building and the lives of those involved in its construction.

The Film shows the works of the past 2 years. From the digging of the foundation to the finished structure. It accompanies the workmen during the summer and it's +40 degree Celsius and during the -20 degree Celsius cold winter. It shows everything from their digging in the pit, to their vertiginous works on the facade. The movement of cranes and excavator shovels and other tools display a certain, fascinating choreography. Yet all marveling about technical procedure aside, the documentary pictures stay a quiet hymn to the rarely dignified labor of the workers.

The documentary shots of the site are, every now and then, interrupted by feature film elements all roughly connected thru a story line. The building site serves as setting to 4 main characters who all want to get "above". Yet very loosely based on Adorno, there is no real life for those 4 in a wrong system.
There is the esthete Pierrot, a poet and thinker, who exasperates on the performance society and it's shallowness. To him, in the end, madness is his only option. His girl friend Marianne has not sense for Pierrot's abstract mind and sticks with Foucault: "We do not live, love nor do we die on a square sheet of paper. Regardless or due to the denial of theory - boredom stays her loyal companion."
Roland and Corinne betray each other and both have only 2 things in mind: To kill the other and to get "above" no matter the costs. Roland falls victim to his own perfidy when an actor recognizes him after being shot by Roland a few scenes earlier. Corinne seems to be the only one to actually get "above" yet she pays with her humanity in the process. She literally sticks with nothing to get where and what she wants.

The feature film scenes are an homage to Jean-Luc Godard: The movie never tries to fake reality. Corpses breathe, actors fall out of character and question not only them selves but also the film.
And the whole time the pictures seem to whisper Corinnes clue line: "Come on, take up with me!"


Melanie Hollaus, (1980 Tyrol / Austria), has been making films since 2008. At the beginning she made short experimental films and short portraits of film-makers like Fernando Birri, (Argentinia), Jeanine Meerapfel (Germany, Argentina), Daniel Dia Torres (Cuba) and Eduardo del Liano (Cuba). Since 2012 the main focuses of the artistic work are the interfaces between the medium video and architecture.

2008 „New Kaisertal City“ (33 minutes)
Festival invitations: nominated for the Silver Eye Award Czechia in 2009, EmergeAndSee Berlin 09 Festival, 18. International Film Festival Innsbruck 2009, 23. Bozner Filmtage in 2009, 22. Neues Heimatfilmfestival Freistadt in 2009, Cinema Otok 05 Film Festival Slovenia in 2009, cultural festival Reitschule Bern 2009 (CH), Film Festival Prague in 2010 - Festival of German-speaking Films, Südfilm Festival Amstetten in 2012, Cinema Paradiso St. Pölten 2013

2012 „Bocksiedlung – Eine filmische Spurensuche“ (43 minutes, documentary film)
festival invitations: 22. International Film Festival Innsbruck 2013, 24. Neues Heimatfilmfestival Freistadt in 2013, 23rd Weltfilmtage Thusis in 2013 (CH), moreover, shown within the program of the Tyrolean museum days in 2013

2012 "Olivetti" short documentatary „art in the construction“ (6 minutes, documentary film)

2009 - 2013 short portraits of film-makers:
Filmmaker Jeanine Meerapfel (worked out with Sebastian Brunner, 12 minutes, Germany, Argentina) – festival invitation: 24. International Film Festival Innsbruck, director Fernando Birri (worked out with Daniel Dlouhy, 8 minutes, Argentina) festival invitation: 23. International Film Festival Innsbruck, Pasolini-actor Ninetto Davoli (12 minutes, Italy), director Daniel Dias Torres (10 Minutes, Cuba), scriptwriter and director Eduardo del Liano (9 Minutes, Cuba)

2013 "mirror.grid_passage" (20 seconds) winner's project of "20 seconds for art"

2014 „hernalser - the rock thinks murders loves“ (70 minutes)

in process:
neunerhaus – pictures of the conversion“ (45 minutes, experimental film)
Stalingrad – stories of an Innsbruck settlement“ (60 minutes, documentary film)




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