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A COMPLEXION CHANGE - Vision II, Intercultural Dialogue Within a Migratory Society

Director: Donald GRIFFITH
90 min. 2008 DVD, Colour,
with dialogue, German, French, Arabic, English subtitled
Distributor: Donald Muldrow Griffith
Producer: Donald Muldrow Griffith
Screenplay: Donald Muldrow Griffith
Music: Fuasi Abdul Khaliq
Editor: Donald Muldrow Griffith, Angela Kramer
Narrated by: Donald Muldrow Griffith

Vision II

THE COLLEGIUM - Forum & Television Program Berlin
in co-operation with
Offener Kanal Berlin

Production & Direction
Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith, (co-founder/producer/director)
Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre
Black International Cinema Berlin
Cultural Zephyr e.V.

via Television, Internet, Radio
in English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic


Intercultural Dialogue within a Migratory Society
The future is with us, how do we respond to the inevitabilities of population change, clash or cooperation?
Partial Portrait / Past, Present, Future?
A relationship of Europe to the world and the human contributions to a developing Europe, at the dawn of the 21st century.

Moderator: Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith
Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre / Black International Cinema Berlin /
THE COLLEGIUM - Forum & Television Program Berlin / Cultural Zephyr e.V.

Oral Presentation
"Our World Between Diversity and Coming Together" /
"Unsere Welt zwischen Nähe und Distanz und zwischen Dialog und Monolog"
Mahgoub Eltayeb, Sudan/Berlin
Director, Sudanese Association
Betriebsrat, Phoenix Pharmacutical


Visual Presentation
Sonjah Prinz, Germany und Esterina Petrauschke
"One World Children's Musical"
Kinderperformance / Part I

Oral Presentation
"Diverse & Together" / "Vielfältig & Gemeinsam"
Sonjah Prinz

Visual Presentation
Sonjah Prinz, Germany und Esterina Petrauschke
"One World Children's Musical"
Kinderperformance / Part II


Festival Impressions - XXIII. Black International Cinema Berlin 2008

Oral Presentation
"Reflections" / "Überlegungen"
Gary Wiggins, USA/Berlin
Program Director, Music as Cultural Diplomacy
Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Oral Presentation
"Questions about Identity" / "Fragen zu Identität"
Mark C. Donfried, USA/Berlin
Director, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy


Oral Presentation
" Un Changement d'image à la française:
le multicultarisme français et le cas des banlieues" /
" A Complexion Change à la francaise:
French multiculturalism and the case of the suburbs"
Harry Louiserre, Gaudeloupe/France/Berlin
Managing Director, Classic In Black


Oral Presentation
"YES, WE CAN - The International Impact of Barack Obama" /
"JA, WIR KÖNNEN - Barack Obama Und Sein Internationaler Einfluss"
John Matip Eichler, Germany
Manager, Swiss Bank Berlin


Script & Direction: Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau, Colombia/Germany 2006


Music and Spoken Word Presentation
A Complexion Change Orchestra

"A Complexion Change" (An Original Composition & Oral Presentation)
Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, USA/Berlin
Saxophonist/Composer & Conductor

"As Long (there's a Soul there's Hope)"
Jumaa Alexander Prvulovic, Germany
Vocals/co-composer for "A Complexion Change"

"Gather Your Men And Prepare Your Women"
Yamil Borges, USA/Berlin
Spoken Word

Jeremy Green, UK/Berlin

Ramani Krishna, India/Berlin

Rico McClaren, USA/Berlin

Guitar Crusher, USA/Berlin
Guitar & Vocals

Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau, Colombia/Berlin
Mahgoub Eltayeb, Sudan/Berlin
Lola Zuckermann, France/Berlin
Anke Broszio, Berlin

Rolf Gänsrich, Berlin

Saltmann & Company
Barbara Saltmann, Jamaica/Berlin

Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith/The Collegium, U.S.A./Berlin
Angela Kramer/The Collegium, Berlin
Marion Kramer/The Collegium, Berlin

Cordula Alkert/The Collegium, Berlin
Thomas M. Wendt/The Collegium, Berlin
Martin Kersten/The Collegium, Berlin
Tom Penman/The Collegium, Scotland/Berlin

Major screenings, presentations:

• The annual, intercultural and interdisciplinary film/video festival BLACK INTERNATIONAL CINEMA BERLIN, founded 1986
• THE COLLEGIUM - Forum & Television Program Berlin,Magdeburg, Wolfsburg, Dessau, founded 1995, a weekly television magazine


1988 Best Picture of 1988
The films produced by Fountainhead "A Man Without Limits" and "I Dream A World" were awarded best picture of 1988 by the Polish Commission for Film Arts.

1989 Berlin Appreciation Day in Chicago U.S.A.
"The citizens of Berlin are hereby declared as honorary citizens of Chicago III." The mayor also expressed appreciation to Fountainhead and the citizens of Berlin for providing opportunities for Chicago artists to perform abroad, declared November 13, 1989 as Berlin Appreciation Day in Chicago, III.

1989 Certificate of Appreciation
"The Chicago Moving Company", presented two awards to Gayle and Donald. A Certificate of Appreciation to Gayle McKinney Griffith for recognition of outstanding contributions in the field of dance and to Donald a Certificate of Appreciation for promoting world unity through international artistic presentations.

1989 Artistic Award for Excellence & Special Judge's Award
An Award for Artistic Excellence was presented for "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf". In November of the same year, Fountainhead was awarded the "Special Judge's Award" for best choreography in the European-wide tournament of plays by the U.S. Army for their unique creation.

The Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre website, http://www.fountainhead-tanz-theatre.de, was presented an award for "A Highly Recommended Cultural Website.

Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre / Black International Cinema was granted the official status of "Associated Projects to the UNESCO Slave Route Project."

For Exemplary Social Engagement
"For Effective Representation of Democracy and Tolerance" 2003
for Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre presented by
Bündnis für Demokratie und Toleranz


Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith, co-founder/director of the Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre, Berlin/Germany, Black International Cinema Berlin (1986), The Collegium – Forum & Television Program Berlin and other cities (1995) and Cultural Zephyr e.V. (1990).

Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre was founded 1980 in Berlin/Germany by the Professors Donald Muldrow Griffith and Gayle McKinney Griffith together with three other artists. Since then both are co-producers and directors of the Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre.
Fountainhead® is a production, performing and teaching unit. People with different national, cultural, ethnic, social-economic and religious backgrounds, of both genders and different sexual orientations are working together in different artistic and cultural fields with the intention to create, promote and bring about an intercultural exchange with the projects available.

The philosophical premise upon which these organizations are based is:

Increasing international and intercultural understanding and cooperation between individuals and groups in support of democratic procedures and the elimination of violence, religious, ethnic and gender persecution, youth exploitation, homophobia and racial hatred through the process of art, education, culture and dialogue.

Professor Donald Muldrow Griffith completed his studies in Psychology and Pedagogics at the University of Loyola, Chicago Illinois, U.S.A..
After considerable time as a practicing Group Therapist, Elementary School teacher and Probation Officer for Juvenile Offenders, he began his training in acting, voice, speech and diction and also studied a variety of dance techniques, including ballet, modern, jazz and African dance. His stage, choreographic and production career began in the U.S.A. as an actor, singer, dancer, fashion model and choreographer and he performed featured roles in musicals, theater, television commercials and film productions.
Prof. Griffith played the starring roles in the Broadway Musicals "Pippin," "Stop The World, I Want To Get Off," "Lyrics Of Sunshine And Shadows," where he portrayed the poet, Paul Lawrence Dunbar, and was awarded "Most Promising Off Broadway Actor," by the Broadway Critics for his featured roles in "Contributions," a three act drama in which Donald Muldrow Griffith appeared in two of the three segments.
He also staged fashion shows for major clothing manufacturers and fashion houses at venues such as, Lincoln Center, Waldorf Astoria, Regines and other New York City locales.
Prof. Griffith narrated industrial shows in the U.S.A. for a number of years for clients such as Ford Motor Company, Buick, Metropolitan Life Insurance, Western Electric, Trans World Airlines, Detroit Diesel and other major companies in the U.S.A..

He also danced with the Rondo Dance Theater and Fred Benjamin Dance Company. In addition, he managed the careers of artists, such as Oscar Brown Jr., in Chicago, Illinois and New York City.
Prof. Griffith's quest for further creative and educational opportunities was enhanced by an invitation to Berlin/Germany for performing, teaching and choreographing at Theater des Westens. As a result, Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre was established in Berlin/Germany by Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith, Prof. Gayle McKinney Griffith, Lynnda Curry, Ricky Powell and Detlef Bäcker and has become a source of creative and educational endeavors in Berlin, elsewhere in Europe and the U.S.A..
Prof. Griffith´s direction and choreography of “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf” was awarded “Special Judge´s Award” for Choreography and Music in the European-wide Tournament of Plays by the US. Army.

As a result of their educational and artistic backgrounds in the U.S.A./Europe and after an international university search, he and his wife, Prof. Gayle McKinney Griffith were selected and invited to Indiana University South Bend, U.S.A., to establish a dance theater department.
Prof. Griffith´s talent, creativity and experience as a singer, actor, dancer, narrator, writer, producer, director and choreographer are characteristic of FOUNTAINHEAD's undertakings and productions today.
In his capacity as festival producer/director and film and publication distributor, Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith was invited to the IV. Cultural Mercado Festival in Salvador/Bahia, Brazil (December 2002) and to the Global Cinema and Urban Entertainment Conference in Los Angeles/California, U.S.A. (August 2003), to serve as a panelist.

An arrangement has led to a distribution agreement between Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre Distribution and Freunde der Deutschen Kinemathek e.V., Berlin/Germany (Friends Of The German Film Archive), for selected participating films from the annual intercultural Black International Cinema Berlin.

Besides a variety of activities in the fields of dance, theatre, music, film/video, publication and television, the production, direction and realization of the annual intercultural, interdisciplinary film/video festival Black International Cinema and the television program The Collegium, weekly broadcast on Sundays at 9 p.m. and once a month live, belong to the focal point of work by the Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre.
In 1990, Fountainhead® founded Cultural Zephyr e.V. as a non-profit organization.


Black Cultural Festival
Berlin, Germany
From March 3 - March 23 Fountainhead® organized, directed and produced Europe's first Black Cultural Festival: 40 years of music and dance. The participants were primarily black artists and intellectuals from Africa and the African Diaspora. They presented a spectrum of Black art, thought and life. The festival offered a musical retrospective based on the life story of one of the great tap dancers, Carnell Lyons. The festival also included films by filmmakers from Africa and the African Diaspora. Seminars were held, and a variety of political, social and cultural experiences of the people from the African Diaspora were exchanged. In co-production with Polish television, Fountainhead® filmed a documentary about this event entitled, "A Man Without Limits". In August 1986, Gayle and Donald were invited to participate in a dance workshop in Arezzo, Italy.

I Dream A World
Arrezo, Italy
Along with the Association for Culture (Associazione Culturale Attaverso II Casentino) and the city administration of Arezzo, Fountainhead® conceived and presented a dance, theatre and sports festival from July 12 to July 26 of 1987. The fruits of the workshops were performed during the finale at the Arezzo Amphitheater. Accompanied by a documentary film in co-operation with Polish television capturing this festival in a film entitled, "I Dream A World" (based upon a poem by Langston Hughes).

Hebbel Theatre, Berlin
A collaborative film between Fountainhead® and Michael Andre based on the dance theatre production "Crossroads" by Fountainhead®.

People, Places Neighbors & Things
Television Production/South Bend, Indiana U.S.A.
The television production for W.N.D.U. T.V., entitled "People, Places, Neighbors & Things" was directed and choreographed by Fountainhead® and featured an international cast of dancers and interviewees.

Producer & Director: Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre
Documentary, Color, 60 min.
Germany 1994

This documentary was created prior to the fall of the Berlin wall. Interviews were conducted with members of the Berlin African Diaspora: Black Germans, Black Americans and Black Africans, regarding issues of social, political, economic, cultural, intercultural marriage, refugee status and their hopes and dreams for the future. The interviewees: Johnetta Page/U.S.A., Mona Agbaje/Swaziland, Robert Harrel/U.S.A., Magumba/St. Kitts, Dr. Mahoma Mwaungulu/Malawi, Alycia Jones/U.S.A., Mai Opitz Ayim/Germany and Ifatayo Ifayemi/Germany.

"An international, intercultural group of persons in pursuit of increased co-operation between individuals and groups through the process of art, education, culture, and dialogue. " Founded by Donald Muldrow Griffith and Gayle McKinney Griffith, Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre, Mark Headley and Calvann Cole in 1995. THE COLLEGIUM has since November 1996, under the direction of Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre, produced a monthly television program featuring cinema, state of affairs and arts calendar.

Contact and additional Information:
Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre
Black International Cinema Berlin
The Collegium - Forum & Television Program Berlin
Cultural Zephyr e.V.
Tempelhofer Damm 52
12101 Berlin/Germany
Tel.: 0049(0)30 - 7821621 / 75460946
Fax: 0049(0)30 - 7863466
e-mail: bicdance@aol.com


"Mankind will either find a way or make one."
C.P. Snow

"I may not make it if I try, but I damn sure won´t if I don´t..."
Oscar Brown Jr.

"Whatever you do..., be cool!"
Joseph Louis Turner

“Yes, I can…!”
Sammy Davis Jr.

“Yes, We can…!”
Barack Obama

Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre/Black International Cinema Berlin/The Collegium - Forum & Television Program Berlin/Cultural Zephyr e.V.


2023-06-25 015:05

Greek filmmakers at the Passport Controll Summer Workshop

Two Greek filmmakers will come to this year's Passport Controll - Summer Art Workshops and Community Gathering, to lead film workshop for students. Film director Karina Logothetis and sound designer Vasilis Zlatanos won the award for the Most Original Short Film at the 33rd edition of the Mediawave Film Festival this year, with their short fiction Pebble.














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