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Azé' csak lesz valami a Mediawave

klasszikus időszakában!

2020. április 28 - május 2.

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A pótlás - reményeink szerint - szeptember

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Azé' csak lesz valami a Mediawave

klasszikus időszakában!

2020. április 28 - május 2.

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A pótlás - reményeink szerint - szeptember

második felében lesz!


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2016-04-29 01:00

"FRIENDS OF JEAN" - City Bum Bum Project

Genre: ethno music / ethno zene

Wojtek Peczek – djembe, Norah Mc Gettigan – tánc / dance, Johanna „Azja” Kaminska – ének / sing, Ablaye Badji – kora, sabar, tamani, Tóth Viktor - saxophone

City Boom Boom is one of Poland's most renowned West African percussion and dance schools. Wojtek Peczek, (founder of the group), will give djembe workshops and Norah Mc Gettigan will give afro-dance workshops throughout the festival. In addition, Wojtek and some of the band members will perform during Mediawave and are looking forward to collaborate with other musicians at the festival.



“Ancient sounds for the future”


Friends of Jean featuring Viktor Toth, is a fresh, new and inspiring musical collaboration whichbegan at Mediawave, Hungary in 2015. Five members of the West-African percussion group – The CBB Ensemble, (Pl/Sen/Ire), hooked up with Hungarian saxophonist, Viktor Toth, and they all just hit it off! Their music draws inspiration and energy from African soils, both East and West of the continent; Ablaye Badji's sweet, intricate melodies on the senegalese kora together with Wojtek Peczek's root sounds on djembe and percussion were born in the ancient west-african empire of Mandeng, while Toth's soulful saxophone and Kaminska's captivating vocals journey us from coast to coast, as far east as Ethiopia. Happy people and hopeful music, this project was an unexpected encounter destined to happen.

Viktor Toth (hu) – Saxophone, flute

"​Viktor ​Tóth ​is one of the most versatile figures in Hungarian jazz and ​earned ​the ​title​ jazzman​ of​ the​ year​ 2010​ and again in​ 201​5​.​ Despite​ this,​ he​ still​ sees​ himself​ as​ a​ truth​ seeker​ and​ with​ his​musical​ endeavors​ seeks​ to ​reach ​oneness ​with​ universal​ harmony.​ He​ has​ played​ throughout​ Europe​ and​ the​ United​ States​ in​ various​ jazz​ festivals.​ He​ leads​ his​ own​ Tóth​ Viktor​ Tercett,​ he​ composes​ his​ own​material,​ he​ produces​music​ for​ contemporary​ dance​ performances​ and​ he​ collects​ folk​ music.​ He​ is​ always​ looking ​to​ forge​ ahead​ in​ new​ directions. Viktor's collaboration with Friends of Jean and the CBB Ensemble began when he met with Norah Mc Gettigan, at Mediawave Festival 2014.


Azja Kaminska (pl) - Vocals

A singer, painter and fashion-designer, this young artist is fast making a name for herself. She performs with Friends of Jean, the CBB Ensemble, The Badji Band, as well as her own individual projects. Azja and Wojtek Peczek also have another group which focuses less on world music and more towards pop – Flower Kissers.



Ablaye Badji (Sen) – kora, djembe, percussion

Ablaye Badji is a kora player, (the african harp). Born and raised in a family of Griot's, Ablaye comes from Senegal but moved to Poland in 2012. He has been a member of the CBB Ensemble since his arrival in Europe and has since created his own band, The Badji Band, which released its first album in 2015. The CBB Ensemble, (and Friends of Jean), will release their first album featuring Vitkor Toth in June 2016.



Wojtek Peczek (pl) – Percussion, Djembe, Hang

Founder of City Bum Bum, (2002), and the CBB Ensemble, Wojtek Peczek is one of Poland's leading West-African percussionists. Together with Azja Kaminska, Wojtek created Flower Kissers in 2010 and collaborated with Mela Koteluk on her latest hit album 'Migracje' where he performed on the hang drum which gave him a Platinum record status in Poland.



Damian Suita (pl) – base guitar, guitar, balafon, percussion

Damian can play just about anything. So watch out! He has been performing with the CBB Ensemble since 2012 and is also a member of Dzikie Jablka and guest musician with the Badji Band.



Norah Mc Gettigan (ire) – balafon, hang, dance

A film director by profession, Norah has performed with the CBB Ensemble for 10 years. Both a dancer/choreographer and balafon player, Norah more than anything, aspires to bring together people, who she feels have something unique to offer both musically and spiritually, in an effort to share with their audience a truly memorable experience.


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