Doris Tääker (Estonia)
Short Fiction
A young country girl Aliide goes to city in order to fulfil her dreams. The city appears as a class ...
Bernat GUAL (Spain)
Short Fiction
Dario does not know the world around him. He has never seen his mother's face, not even heard his voice...
NAGYPÁL Orsi (Bosznia és Hercegovina / Magyarország)
Short Fiction
As an escape from his early mid-life crisis and wrecked marriage a Bosnian man puts the fate of his life in the hand of his new lady-friend: his GPS...
Victoria KOZELTSEVA (Russia)
Short Fiction
He returns to her but she is already married. The moment is gone, but still lives in their hearts and their memories in its own time...
Bart Schrijver (Netherlands)
Short Fiction
Window cleaner Dennis falls from the 40th floor of a high rise. He is in luck: He gets stuck outside...
Zalfa Seurat (France)
Short Fiction
Batroun, north of Lebanon. A couple is trying to enjoy an afternoon at the beach. The woman is attra...
Barney Frydman (Belgium)
Short Fiction
A Police squad on a mission… A football match… Tension rises on either side…
Shots fly and the team must face the pressure...
Anna Urbanczyk (Poland)
Short Fiction
Lena runs a road hostel. One day, when she stays alone at work, a stranger comes to the place. The man arises anxiety in the woman with his behavior...
Mohammad Hormozi (Iran)
Short Fiction
A Violinist girl wants to enter an administrative building but as she lacks the formal hijab, she must stay in the waiting room...
Wizner Balázs (Hungary)
Short Fiction
An average Hungarian family are driving home on the motorway from their seaside holidays when they a...
Erdélyi Dániel (Magyaroroszág)
Short Fiction
Feri finds it difficult to meet new people. He resorts to kidnapping dogs from chosen families so th...
Novák Erik (Hungary / Romania)
Eight women, one man, no way...
A freelance artist at the end of his forties is going through the deepest private and existential crisis of his life...
Daniel Levin (Russia / USA)
Short Fiction
A group of Russian musicians struggles in South Texas until one of them ditches the group to attempt a marriage with a wealthy farmer on his ranch...
Kovács Kata Milla (Magyaroroszág)
The science of kissing is philematology. Kissing is probably a learned behavior as it occurs in several mammals...
Lőrincz Nándor, Nagy Bálint (Magyaroroszág)
Short Fiction
Budapest, 7th district, general clearance. The one-cut film starts with a simple argument between two strangers for a parking spot...
Bogdan Maraloiu (Romania)
Short Fiction
In a remote village from Romania, located close to the Danube, an "important" event is going to happen...
Frunza Roland (Romania)
Short Fiction
Louis, in the final stages of his life, lives his elderly life. This is disturbed by an unexpected k...
Petrik András (Hungary)
Short Fiction
Andras is a thirty something careerist prosecutor. His new job is important for him and his wife and daughter suffers the consequences...
Ernest Lorek (Poland)
Short Fiction
Marek works as a security guy at a big train station. His days are spent monotonously in this huge s...
Nagy Borbála (Magyaroroszág / Germany)
Short Fiction
Baranyi Benő (Hungary)
Short Fiction
A boy and a girl walking with a dog in a dense forest. The dog and the virginity are lost.
Gleb Volkov (Czech Republic / Ukraine)
Short Fiction
An elderly scientist secretly attempts to revive his infant granddaughter before his death.
Abdullah Şahin (Turkey)
Short Fiction
Ilyas and Ahmet are two close friends. Emir, Syrian refugee completes the gang. Ilyas wants to make ...
Anaïs Debus (Belgium)
Short Fiction
August 1914. Germany invades Belgium and terrorizes the population. Despite being pregnant, Louise i...
Mojtaba Poorbakhsh (Iran)
Short Fiction
Maria is a girl whom she is a champion of Kayak; she is waiting for dispatching to the Olympics Qualification which held in France...
Jos Stelling (Hollandia / Németország)
Short Fiction
A large train station, it might be anywhere in a big city. Waiting passengers, some are curiously ob...
Jos Stelling (Hollandia / Németország)
Short Fiction
An acknowledged master of the short sans dialogue, Jos Stelling won a bundle of awards for THE WAITI...
Jos Stelling (Hollandia / Németország)
Short Fiction
Lene Teigen (Norway)
Short Fiction
"Reel" is a meticulously crafted experimental narrative from a young Norwegian filmmaker - a film poem...
Milos Radovic (Jugoszlávia)
Short Fiction
This is a comedy about some tragic events that took place a few years ago in modern Serbia. Absurdity is a way of living in my country.
Mundruczó Kornél (Hungary)
Short Fiction
As if we were in a small town. An ordinary day in a kid's life. An incredibly hot day. Here everything is unique...
Pálfi György (Hungary)
Hukkle 2002
An old man is hiccupping on a bench, a drunk guy is snoring on a coach, a nice-faced old lady is pic...
Szirmai Márton (Hungary)
Short Fiction
A delicious food of vanishing times meets two men. They understand each other even without words.
Szőke András (Hungary)
Short Fiction
Cs. Nagy Sándor (Hungary)
Short Fiction
One part of the movie builds up from the photo material of Hong Kong before it's annexation to China...
Mészáros Péter (Hungary)
Short Fiction
A story about an escape and a sad return.
Lakatos Róbert (Hungary)
Short Fiction
A short comedy int he style of Transilvanian magical realism.
"For a time now, a wench's been comin' to me at the stroke of midnight...
Mészáros Péter (Hungary)
Short Fiction
Sandip Banerjee (India)
Short Fiction
"The reflection of an immigrant old man on the distorted mirror called society, as his unfulfilled quest of finding his own self continues...
Dombrovszki Linda (Hungary)
Short Fiction
Aleksey Fedorchenko (Russia)
Nowadays. The film crew of journalists investigating the strictly classified case. They succeed in u...
Kaveh MAZAHERI (Iran)
Short Fiction
Maryam's husband has an accident at home and, rather than saving him, she stops helping and watches him die.
George Ovashvili (Georgia)
A young refugee and his mother flee war and ethnic cleansing in the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia, leaving his father behind...
Elisa Unger (Romania)
Short Fiction
Martin has problems. The house he inherited in Transylvania turns out to be a worthless shack. He's running out of money...
Bánovits Ottó (Hungary)
Agapé 2014
Short Fiction
Jozsef & Kati have been living in the middle of nowhere on a small farm for their entire lives and nobody else is living there anymore...
Stephan Ganoff (Germany)
Short Fiction
A German bachelor, a Bulgarian single mother and her pubescent son are preparing for a date in Bulgaria...
Gyimesi Anna (Hungary)
Short Fiction
Ica and Imre have been married for forty years. When one of them has to leave the other cannot do anything but put up with the uncangeable...
Hörcher Gábor (Hungary)
Ricsi 2014
Short Fiction
A young boy is moving to Italy and his friends make a goodbye party for him. His mother prepares his packs for the travel.
Ártún 2014
Short Fiction
A young boy wants to have his first kiss but has no luck in the small village he lives in. His best ...

About the 8th ON THE ROAD Online Film Festival





The camera is moving, film on the road. Following the country of people setting off to hit the road, finding home. Accompanying us in our journey through life and death. Young people searching for their path, off-road adults, old ones returning to their memories. The camera is travelling toward far away countries. New perspectives appear to the cameras of film pioneers walking on new roads. The distant landscapes of the spirit.

Have a good journey!



We had lots of approaches in our mind in 2014 when we first thought of the ON THE ROAD category. We were strongly impressed by the life of people being on the road due to outside or lifestyle pressures (gypsies or other nomadic or natural groups), individuals or their special communities (hippies, vagabonds), the destiny and possibilities of refugees seeking their places. Different intellectual journeys of artists, scientists or average people also appeared to us.


We are greatly surprised that film makers also have varied interpretations of the category. In the anniversary year, the MEDIAWAVE-ANOTHER CONNECTION Film Festival decided not to have a classic film competition but a selection of films from the 30 years. Luckily we have the "On the Road" Online platform to show the films completed lately. We are happy that many directors submitted their films and gave their permission to screen their works online.


We are happy and proud to show you a very promising and varied film program in fiction, animation, documentary and experimental categories. 





The winner works can be watched in the screening rooms of the Fort Monostor, Komárom at the MEDIAWAVE Film Festival between 28 April and 2 May, 2020.





The films of the online festival can be watched in the original language with English subtitles. Many of the films are without or with very few dialogues. 





"ÚTON/ON THE ROAD"2018 Online Film Festival


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"ÚTON/ON THE ROAD"2017 Online Film Festival


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"ÚTON/ON THE ROAD"2016 Online Film Festival


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"ÚTON/ON THE ROAD"2015 Online Film Festival



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The first


Online Film Festival





Szabó Károly (HUN/ROM):


(minority film)

film about the herbs and healers of Székely land in Transylvania.




Peyman Abaszade cameraman

in Mohammad Farahani's (IRN):


(short fiction)


Maiken Schmidt actress

in Doris Tääker (EST):


(short fiction)



Murányi-Matza Teréz (ROM)



Boros Ferenc & Rozmán László (HUN):


– Ferkovics József's Roads

(roma painter portrait)


Mirror Su (USA):





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Zimniy vecher v Yalte / Winter Evening in Yalta, 2014, Victoria KOZELTSEVA
The Gas Station / A benzinkút, 2020, Jos Stelling
Idegen hangok / Strange sounds, 2020, Wizner Balázs
Citromdisznó / Lemonhog, 1992, Szőke András
The Gallery / A galéria, 2020, Jos Stelling
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