Soleiman Rahimi (Iran)
This is a documentary about the Traditional brick factory and families and even children whose lives and work are intertwined.
Alex Djordjevic (USA)
Out of a population of roughly 2,500 Roma people in Vladincin Han (Southeastern Serbia), less than 10 are currently employed...
Iara Lee (USA)
"STALKING CHERNOBYL: exploration after apocalypse" directed by iara lee (Cultures Of Resistance Film...
Andrei Kutsila (Poland)
Neither in her young years, nor now has Tacciana run barefoot through the sweet-scented meadow near ...
Pola Rader (Russia)
‘They lived happily ever after and died together one day’, that’s how all the love...





To create the ON THE ROAD Online Film Festival, there were plenty of works of art to remember as inspirations both in the field of film and literature, among them the following ones:





However it preceded our cultural awakening, the cultic book of the beat generation, Jack Kerouak’s On the Road, is impossible to avoid. Walter Salles film adaptation with the same title was released in 2012. Click here 







We were even more impressed by the Grand Prix-winner film of the MEDIAWAVE 2012, Dorogi-Roads by the Russian director, Marat Magambetov. An unforgettable film experience, which guides us, with deep empathy, on the roads and paths of the rural Russia.  Marat Magambetov






A late discovery of us was Tunc Okan’s undeservingly forgotten film, the Otobüs from 1974, which is about a handful of Turkish people from rural areas who are driven to Stockholm in hope of finding a job but then deceived by the driver and left all alone trapped in the bus. It is the tragicomic crash of the two distant cultures.

The film is especially unique and precious to us as the only professional character in the film, the well-known and respectable Turkish actor, Tuncel Kurtiz, attended our festival in 2013 as the member of the jury and held a performance, too. We also shot a short „festival trailer” with him during the Festival on Wheels in Kars. Hereby we would like to remember our beloved friend. 





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I Need the Handshakes / Szükségem van kézfogásra, 2021,  Andrei Kutsila
STALKING CHERNOBYL: exploration after apocalypse / BEVESSZÜK CSERNOBILT: felfedezés az apokalipszis után, 2021, Iara Lee
 / Dusty Dream, 2021, Soleiman Rahimi
...и умерли в один день / ...and died together one day, 2021, Pola Rader
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